Mr. S.A.Gandhi - Chairman has 20 years of rich experience in dyestuff industry. - Responsible for overall management, Process & Quality Control. Mr. K.J. Shah - Vice Chairman is Business Management Graduate and electronic engineer having responsibility of total customer support, effective communication & new customer development. Mr. N.S.Gandhi - Managing Director is Chemical Engineer & responsible for purchase function & import-export logistics.

 J. Dye Chem Industries is committed to get ISO 9000 certification for international reconition and effective quality system within the organisation. J. Dye Chem Indudtries is the member of green environment society and meet the pollution morms laid by local government.

J. Dye Chem Industries is also committed for employee welfare and
development by training them regularly.

J. Dye Chem Industries is committed to meet long term goal of
"TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" by addressing following objectives.

Flexible Quantity :

Packing Size : 10/25/50/500 kg. Packing Type : HDPE/MS RING TYPE/ MS MACHINE SEAL TYPE & HDPE Bag, Lot Size : NO MINIMUM ORDER Quantity required.

Consistent Quality :

All the supplies must comply and match as per the agreed sample by the customer. Material will be uniform in strength, physical appearance & fastness properties.

On Time Delivery :

Each dispatch will be committed & will be complied 100% as per schedule agreed by customer.

Competitive Cost :

All the products are priced most competitively, by tight control on inputs, overheads and better production efficiency.

Business Ethics :

Progressive & Professional Management will follow the prelayed code of conduct and meet their business commitments under all circumstances.

The above objectives are part of company policy and observed strictly to get 'TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION' & hence long term relationship.


  • 8 vessels with total capacity of 1,25,000 litres.
  • Automatic spray Dryer of 1000 litres/hours capacity
  • tray dryer 5 nos with total capacity of 1.5 MT/day
  • R/O Facility for salt free and high concentration dyes.
  • Blender -4 nos for uniform dyes, capacity : 10 MT
  • Filter Press - 2 nos for
    1. Clarification of dye solution to improve the dye quality and its performance
    2. Filter and isolation of dyes from solution


  • In house modern tests facility of each product sealed temper proof packing of drum by machine with company logo.
  • Five times testing of each product under manufacturing.
  • Each reaction are tested at every stage for its completion.
  • Blending of each product for uniformity.
  • Complete identification details on packing for traceability